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Substance abuse and mental health matters can come into play in a variety of legal cases, including family, personal injury, civil litigation, and even probate matters. Whether you are requesting conservatorship of a loved one with mental health issues, seeking custody of a child to protect them from a substance-abusing parent, or holding someone accountable for a situation involving substance abuse, Marilyn Smith Law APC is here to help.

Attorney Marilyn M. Smith has received training from hospitals, AA, and other 12-step programs to learn about addiction and mental health disorders. With this unique background, she is uniquely positioned to handle your substance abuse or mental health case.

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Mental Health & Substance Abuse Commitments during Probate

Probate courts may order individuals to be involuntarily committed for substance abuse and mental health issues. Court-ordered treatment and rehabilitation are generally ordered for people who pose a potential threat to themselves or to others, based on petitions made by relatives or conservators or by evidence made apparent to the court.

Family Law & Mental Health or Substance Abuse Issues

Substance abuse and mental health disorders can tear families apart and lead to devastating divorces, custody battles, or domestic abuse. Individuals struggling with these issues can threaten or harm themselves and their loved ones, emotionally and physically.

Marilyn Smith Law APC understands the gravity of your situation. Your family’s safety is our highest priority. Should you need our legal assistance with a family matter involving drug use or mental health conditions, we can step in and provide the unyielding support and dependable representation you are seeking.

We handle family matters including:

  • Custody battles when one parent/spouse is dealing with substance abuse or mental health issues
  • Domestic abuse involving substance abuse
  • Preventing enabling behavior within families
  • Divorce on the grounds of substance abuse or mental health disorder
  • Restraining orders

Appointing a Conservator for Mental Health or Substance Abuse Matters

Conservatorships can help individuals who are dealing with mental health issues or substance abuse by appointing a responsible adult to look after them and manage their affairs. People facing these kinds of tough situations often need someone to step in and help by making decisions that will put them on a better path and ensure that they get the care they need.

If your loved one is struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues, Marilyn Smith Law APC can help you appoint a conservator.

Conservators can be:

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Professional fiduciaries or public guardians

Because the firm is experienced in probate (conservatorship) matters, we are prepared to guide you through the process of obtaining a conservatorship to protect your loved one.

Please call Marilyn Smith Law APC at (626) 317-6068 to seek compassionate representation.

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