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Going through a divorce is difficult, no matter the circumstances.

Even in the case of an uncontested divorce in Pasadena, there are still many sensitive family law matters to discuss and negotiate. A divorce involving high-net-worth individuals and a large estate can become particularly overwhelming.

At Marilyn Smith Law APC, we focus on divorce and family law because our Pasadena divorce attorneys are passionate about providing our clients with support during difficult times. With an in-depth knowledge of family law in California, we work hard to ensure that your divorce case is handled comprehensively and effectively.

Our divorce attorneys in Los Angeles County are here to review your unique situation and help you understand your options. It's our goal to help you make well-informed decisions about your separation.

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Experienced Legal Support for Pasadena Divorce Cases

Ideally, every divorce could be negotiated amicably outside of court. Some couples are able to make important decisions about their separation during mediation.

While we can help with Pasadena mediation, our divorce lawyers are also capable of providing aggressive and strategic representation should your legal separation go to family court.

Our family lawyers can help with all matters that may come into play during your separation, including:

Specialized Representation for High-Net-Worth Divorce in Pasadena

Many couples with particularly large estates find that hiring a high-net-worth divorce lawyer is the only way to successfully overcome the challenges of a divorce.

Marilyn Smith Law APC has represented several high-profile individuals throughout their divorces in Pasadena, California. As a result, we have extensive, specialized experience handling these kinds of high-profile divorce cases.

Our team of divorce attorneys understands how to properly address their particularly tense matters, such as property division, asset valuation, and alimony.

What Are the Grounds for Divorce in California?

In California, someone who files for divorce is not required to prove that their spouse did anything to warrant it. This is because California is a no-fault divorce state.

In a no-fault divorce, you do not need to give any reason for wanting to end the marriage. Further, the state does not require both spouses to agree to a divorce before the legal proceedings can begin.

If you have recently filed for separation or your spouse has served you with papers, the time to hire a divorce attorney is now. Our legal team of Pasadena divorce lawyers at Marilyn Smith Law APC can provide you with the help you need to get through this time.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Divorce Process in Pasadena

The basic steps for the divorce process in Pasadena are:

  • Filing – The “petitioner” is the spouse that starts the divorce process with the initial petition for separation. In addition to the petition, the spouse may also file a request for temporary orders regarding matters such as custody, support, etc.
  • Service – The “respondent” is the spouse that receives a copy of the divorce papers. The respondent can respond within 30 days to the initial divorce petition and contest the terms of the divorce, if needed.
  • Negotiation – During this process, the couple will work with their own divorce lawyers and/or a third-party mediator or arbitrator. The goal will be to settle the terms of the divorce without court involvement.
  • Litigation – If the couples can’t come to an agreement during the negotiation process, then the separation will be brought to family court where a judge will make the final judgment.

Discover how our Pasadena divorce attorneys can assist you. Contact us for personalized legal support.

What Should I Ask A Divorce Attorney?

Here are 10 questions to ask divorce attorneys before hiring them:

  1. How long have you been practicing family law?
  2. Can you provide references from past clients?
  3. What is your success rate in divorce cases?
  4. How will you communicate with me during the process?
  5. How do you handle conflicts or difficult situations with opposing counsel?
  6. Are there any certain strategies or approaches that you typically take in divorce cases like mine?
  7. Will you be the primary attorney handling my case, or will it be passed off to someone else within the firm?
  8. How do you determine your fees and billing structure?
  9. Are there any potential conflicts of interest that I should be aware of regarding my case?
  10. Can you walk me through a general timeline of the divorce process and what to expect?

Asking these questions can help you feel confident in your choice of a Pasadena divorce attorney. It is important that you find someone who has ample experience, communicates effectively, and aligns with your personal approach to the case. Knowing their fees and potential conflicts upfront can also save you from any surprises during the process. Ultimately, it is crucial that you feel comfortable and secure in your decision to hire a divorce lawyer.

Contact our dedicated Pasadena divorce attorney today to schedule a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce in California

Residency Requirements for Filing a Divorce in California

Yes, California has a residency requirement for divorce.

One of the spouses must have residency in the state of CA for at least six months before the couple can file for divorce. The spouse must also reside in the county where the separation is going to be filed for at least three months.

Understanding the Divorce Waiting Period in Pasadena

Yes, a divorce will not be final until at least six months after the starting date. Couples cannot split in a time period that is faster than six months.

Exploring Legal Separation as an Alternative to Divorce

Yes, legal separation is an option. Learn more.

Unilateral Divorce Filings: When Your Spouse is Unwilling

A spousal agreement is not necessary for a divorce.

Only one spouse needs to file for separation in order to successfully achieve it. If the other spouse does not want to cooperate, then the divorce will still go through via a default judgment.

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